U.S. Government Contract Risk Assessments

Risk is a broad term with a different meaning to everyone and every company.  However, the regulations that drive these risks are a known and published universe in the U.S. Government marketplace (even if they do change regularly).  Risks originate from terms and conditions in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) to FAR Supplements (e.g., DFARS, AIDAR, etc.) to audit risks (from DCAA audit programs).   The variety of risks in U.S. Government contracts is broad, but with the proper framework, such risks can be translated into a usable, practical compliance profile for your organization.  Identifying key risks based on contract mix, award dollars, and a variety of other regulatory factors driven by the terms and conditions of your contracts is the backbone of any compliance program.  We can help you clearly identify those risks and right-size your compliance activities to your organization.  The results of these risk assessments can be used by management, counsel, internal audit, or other vested parties to design, implement, and/or monitor compliance with U.S. Government regulations.  Additionally, such assessments can help your firm understand where U.S. Government audit interest is likely.