About Us

RKI is a full service U.S. Government Contracts Practice dedicated to assisting contractors and grantees with their U.S. Government accounting and compliance needs.  Working with the U.S. Government offers tremendous opportunity. However, with that opportunity comes significant regulatory risks unique to a non-commercial environment.  RKI offers a rare brand of consulting in the U.S. Government contract consulting market by providing small business flexibility with big business experience.  RKI specialists possess professional service experience across Big 4 accounting firms and other large U.S. Government contractor practices, as well as industry experience from Top 5 U.S. Government contractors to small businesses.  By positioning itself as a singular service line, RKI has achieved a focused, technical skill-set, as well as a cost structure aligned to more competitive rates in a demanding economic environment.  It has also helped eliminate much of the “red tape” that comes with big market competitors affording it the ability to respond rapidly to changing client needs. Our mission is simple: To provide meaningful, practical and lasting USG compliance services measurable at the bottom line.  We do that by leveraging our broad industry experience and applying it to our clients’ unique needs.   We work with our clients to ensure they understand the regulations and their options for compliance within them.  No two acquisitions are alike; which makes no two contractors alike.  We recognize this and therefore design strategies and responses to customers’ accounting and compliance needs accordingly.
RKI has locations in CT and the Washington DC Metro Area. In addition, the RKI team travels to any location of client need.
Our Mission: To provide meaningful, practical and lasting USG compliance services measurable at the bottom line.
Our primary objective is ensuring we meet clients’ needs in managing U.S. Government requirements to effect capital preservation.


A straightforward approach that provides clients a true understanding of their U.S. Government contract requirements and the activities necessary to govern them. We consider ‘straightforward’ the more effective way to say ‘communication’. If we can’t communicate what we’re doing in a straightforward, relatable manner then we’ve failed at our jobs.


RKI prides itself on providing practical results that a client can understand and repeat, both in communication and delivery.


Meaningful results are those that remain in effect beyond the duration of our project scope.


Our personnel have worked in deadline-driven environments their entire careers. These circumstances can often breed a stressful environment. RKI impresses that the best results, even in challenging work circumstances, occur from a positive team culture; and we work hard to pass that on to our clients.


Our business, like all services businesses, is founded on lasting, trusting relationships. Every decision we make in our practice, and the projects we perform, has this as a core consideration.


We are accountants, after all. The results we deliver are used by management, counsel, contracting officers, and other vested parties. As such, the accuracy of what we deliver is integral to our clients’ success; which makes it imperative to ours.